Webcompat.com Terms of Service

Effective Date: January 14, 2020

Webcompat.com is a Service that allows users to report web compatibility issues through a simple web form. Volunteers and employees of Mozilla view the reports, identify solutions, then share the reports and solutions with the website stewards, or escalate bugs to browser vendors. For more details, see our About page.

Acceptable Use

Your use of the webcompat.com website and service must not violate any applicable laws, including copyright or trademark laws, export control or sanctions laws, or other laws. You are responsible for making sure that your use of the Service is in compliance with laws and any applicable regulations.

Webcompat.com is sponsored and hosted by Mozilla, and as such, users are bound by the general Mozilla Conditions of Use as well as the Mozilla Websites & Communications Terms of Use

Some parts of webcompat.com are hosted on GitHub, and as such, users are bound by GitHub Acceptable Use Policies.

User Generated Content

You may create or upload User-Generated Content while using the webcompat.com service, but by doing so, you agree to be bound by the Mozilla Websites & Communications Content Submission terms and GitHub terms for User-Generated Content.

We do not review before publication all User-Generated Content, except for anonymous bug reports, but we have the right (though not the obligation) to refuse or remove any User-Generated Content that, in our sole discretion, violates any of these terms or policies.

Community Participation Guidelines

In addition to our own Code of Conduct, it's useful to model interactions with other users of the webcompat.com service on the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines as well as the GitHub Community Participation Guidelines. Behavior that falls into the areas forbidden by either document is unwelcome and will result in further escalation.